Christopher Abatangelo and Healthy Lunch Break Habits

During a long day at work, your lunch break can be a wonderful moment to rest your mind. For most people who work in offices, like IT professional Christopher Abatangelo, working in a stale, quiet room without much air circulation can leave you feeling exhausted in the middle of the day. Abatangelo has found a way to put his hour break to good use.

After ditching his blazer at his desk, he heads outside to the parking lot. On most days, he goes for a mile stroll near his office building. He often makes his way over to the park to breathe in some fresh air. He finds peace in nature and believes that it is a great place to refresh his mind.

On rainy days, Abatangelo can be found enjoying the company of a National Geographic magazine, letting his mind wander as he thumbs through the pages looking for his next camping destination.

Abatangelo is also conscious of what he puts into his body. Lean protein and high fiber foods, such as grilled chicken on top of a bed of mixed greens, leave him feeling satisfied and healthy when he returns to work. Turkey sandwiches packed with veggies on whole grain rolls are also a frequent choice. The whole grains and fiber nourish his body and keep him feeling full for hours.

Going for a midday walk, engaging in your hobbies and eating well are all components of a healthy lifestyle. Even for just an hour a day during your lunch break, you can make small changes to your routine to help you improve your physical and mental health, like Christopher Abatangelo.

Three Great Places to Camp in the US

The United States is a vast country full of many different types of terrain. The best part about it: You only need a few hundred dollars, a car and some camping equipment to enjoy the environment of some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Christopher Abatangelo, a Miami, Florida resident, loves camping with his friends from college. Together, they’ve been to a few different states exploring both hot and cold climates. They’re planning a trip to the first place on our list.

White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire

Hiking is one of the main attractions of this area of the Appalachian Mountains. The trails offer an inviting challenge to those who are up for it. Even better than the exercise are the beautiful views of the gorgeous blue lakes in the area. The fall is the best time to visit as that is when the leaves of the trees burst into vibrant reds, yellows and oranges.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina

Coastal North Carolina boasts 300 miles of shoreline, according to Driving down the barrier islands is a treat in itself as much of the area is protected by government preservation. Countless tiny residential towns dot the roadway. One almost feels like they have left the U.S. as spotting a national chain restaurant or grocery store is a rarity. There are plenty of tent and RV campgrounds, each offering a different array of watersport equipment rentals, nearby eateries and family-owned general stores. With the ocean to the east and the bay to the west, each day begins and ends with waves sparkling in the rays of the sun.

Everglades National Park in Florida

For a combination of land and sea activities, consider camping in the Everglades. Hike or bike through miles of trails filled with different types of vegetation. According to the park’s official website, alligators, turtles, panthers and snakes can be spotted lingering in the shadows of the hundreds of species of plants. To explore further, consider renting a kayak or canoe from the park and be on the lookout for bottlenose dolphins and manatees.

Don’t stop there! The United States has many more exciting places to camp so get out there and start your adventure!

Christopher Abatangelo and Beach Fitness

Christopher Abatangelo is a Miami, Florida resident who enjoys being active outside. A frequent attendee of Cross Fit, he is conscious about his health and level of fitness.

Before moving to Miami, Abatangelo lived in Tennessee, where he enjoyed the benefits of hiking the Smoky Mountains. Mountain climbing can make for an intense leg workout but it also tests balance and agility as the rocky trails narrow closer to the peak. Big boulders require climbers to use both their hands and feet. Abatangelo found the rugged terrain and beautiful views the perfect combination for an invigorating but rewarding outdoor activity.

Since his relocation, Abatangelo has been in search for a refreshing take on his outdoor workouts. He has started jogging on the beach.

Walking and jogging on sand offers some unique fitness benefits. According to the Houston Chronicle, sand improves your leg strength, due to the resistance it creates as your foot sinks in with every step. Your body must put forth extra effort, when compared to walking on concrete, to keep you moving forward against the shifting grains of sand. With each uneven step, running on the beach tests your balance.

It can also have some psychiatric benefits. Spending time in nature can be peaceful. Listening to the steady sound of waves crashing can help you set a steady pace for your run. The feeling of the earth touching your bare feet is a calming sensation. The sand below your arches will massage achy tendons with each step.

With these wonderful benefits, jogging on the beach isn’t something Christopher Abatangelo will be giving up any time soon.

Christopher Abatangelo on BBQ Styles Across the U.S.

Christopher Abatangelo has always loved barbecue. Having lived in Texas and Tennessee, two major barbecue states, he has tried many different restaurants and their secret sauces. The states have similar base ingredients but each brings something unique to the picnic table.

Texas barbecue sauce is known for its thick consistency. It is ketchup and vinegar based and usually has a hint of sweetness5 due to the added brown sugar. Recipes vary but Worcestershire, cayenne, paprika, onion powder and garlic are frequent additions to the sauce. Occasionally, red chilies, jalapeños or even habanero peppers are added to the pot to give the sauce a heavy kick.
Tennessee, home of Jack Daniels Distillery, is known for its whiskey and bourbon. Barbecue sauce from this state is usually thinner than Texas style, largely in part by the aged corn alcohol added to each batch. The booze is reduced on the stove to cook out the majority of the alcohol. Bourbon gives the sauce a hint of vanilla. When paired with molasses, ketchup, Worcestershire and malt vinegar, sticky Tennessee barbecue sauce is hard to resist.

Christopher Abatangelo enjoys all of the different barbecue styles. His current favorite is from Iron Works BBQ in Austin, Texas, however, he is still experimenting with ingredients to craft the perfect sauce at home. One of his handcrafted recipes includes traditional Texan and Tennessean spices but includes chunks of pineapple, adding a twist to the flavor profile. He admits that the sauce still needs some tweaks but he believes the unique flavor will impress his friends and relatives from both states.

History and Attributes of the University of Tennessee

Upon his graduation from high school, Christopher Abatangelo enrolled at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. With over 27,000 students, Christopher entered a new milieu, a combination of higher academic achievement, deep university traditions going back to 1794, and a reverence for Tennessee barbecue.   The U of T offers over 300 different degree programs, with eleven different colleges, including Ag Sciences, Natural Resources, Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Architecture and Design, Communication and Information, Health, Education and Human Sciences, Communication, Engineering, Law, Nursing, Social Work, and Veterinary Medicine. Athletically, the University of Tennessee Volunteers have taken 23 NCAA championships since 1987 and a total of 190 SEC championships, and has a love/hate relationship with its school colors, orange and white, which originated with some daisies which were growing on the campus Hill. Students confirmed the colors in 1892, but immediately withdrew the confirmation. Unable to find satisfaction with any others, the students re-confirmed the orange and white a day later.

The University of Tennessee is alone in the nation in having three Presidential paper editing projects currently ongoing: Andrew Johnson, Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk, all Presidents from Tennessee. U of T is also associated with the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy, the U of T Anthropological Research Facility, and the U of T Aboretum, with hundreds of species of plants native to the region.   The University of Tennessee’s major hub of research is the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a center of civilian and governmental research. Christopher Abatangelo is proud to claim U of T as his alma mater.

The Topography of Austin, Texas

Born in Austin, Texas, Christopher Abatangelo was accustomed to the climate of south central Texas, the location of what Texans call the Hill Country. Summers in Austin are hot, with an average of 300 days of sun every year, so seeking respite from the heat involved trips to one of the many lakes formed by the Colorado River, flowing through the city for more than a hundred miles.   Mild winters with an average temperature of 50 degrees, made for the famous Texas Friday night lights of football, when Christopher led his high school team as a middle linebacker on defense.

Christopher Abatangelo had the advantages and disadvantages of living on the Balcones Escarpment, a fault line which marks the beginning of the higher elevations of the Hill Country to the west, and the lower black plains of the east. The differences in elevation vary from 500 feet above sea level to over a thousand feet in the rolling hills to the west, making Austin vulnerable to flooding during the spring and fall rains, with an average rainfall per year of 30 inches. Named for Stephen F. Austin, the “Father of Texas”, Austin is the capitol of Texas, at times in its past having fought to remain the capitol against the stiff objections of another Texas legend, Sam Houston, of Houston, Texas fame.

Austinites, of which Christopher Abatangelo is one, are a combination of state workers, college students, blue-collar and high technology employees, and musicians, who flock to Austin as the “Live Music Capital of the World”.

Christopher Abatangelo, the Internet Marketing Wizard

Christopher Abatangelo is an information technology professional that has a knack for the web he is truly very skilled in all things technology as his career in high-level enterprise systems architecture would dictate. He is an MCSE and a highly certified information technology specialist. For a period of time however he was involved in Internet marketing. He was very adept at taking an idea and putting action to it before of the people. He especially enjoyed selling products for people for a commission and was able to utilize a powerful network of email addresses and advertising to earn a comfortable living while he was training and getting experience in the information technology field. He used tools like Google AdSense to make money by leveraging specialized webpages that feature in an advertising code that would pay him for the ad were clicked on. This message is valid content that was fresh and exciting for people to read. At times, he was in the position where he had to call on his creativity to get people to the page. Search engines truly help him find his traffic as well and even experimented with other techniques of buying traffic and advertisement to get people to buy advertising not long advertising. It was a very interesting and unique situation. Ultimately he knows and found the path that he is currently writing with a great deal of success. He is one of a handful of elite systems engineers that have the kind of experience that you need in an enterprise environment. In the master of all things in the field of Microsoft and a number of other technologies. He is called upon to handle messaging, infrastructure, security and other interesting elements of a computing environment.

Christopher Abatangelo and family

Christopher Abatangelo was born and raised in Austin Texas. He is currently an information technology engineer and consultant that travels around the country and the world on behalf of clients and their technology projects he is a specialist in infrastructure and messaging technologies and his work is in high demand. His upbringing was one that fits the classic American profile. With two brothers and a sister that he grew up with, there was a lot of opportunities to partake in family activities in a large group. Among their favorite activities was going camping. In and around Austin Texas there are a number of amazing places to go camping throughout the year. The weather is usually very nice, and the entire group would go several times a year in the spring and summer especially when the weather was great. Beyond the stories of campfires and hiking expeditions that they encountered while they were out camping, they all had the experience of having been together as a family. One of his favorite things to do was going fishing and helping his younger brothers learn how to cast in the river and pull a fish, and that took the bait. He also taught his younger brothers the lesson that his father taught him on how to start a campfire, and later on his sister as well. Although he is single, his siblings are all parents with their own families now, and they enjoy camping from time to time like you did in the old days. He is known as Uncle Chris to his nieces and nephews, and he enjoys the opportunity to teach them what he knows about camping as well.

 Certifications, Exchange, MCSE, SQL

Christopher Abatangelo is a highly skilled and highly qualified technical engineer. He has worked on projects that cover the spectrum from small startup companies to large multitenant providers of cloud space and email systems. Somewhere in between he has worked at very large businesses in the enterprise space including oil and gas, mega-retailers and manufacturing. Over the course of his career, he has been able to leverage his experience and education in the business towards achieving certification on some leading technologies, especially those that come from Microsoft Corporation. He is an MCSE, which is a Microsoft certified system engineer in a variety of platforms including 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2012. He has been certified in SQL and Exchange as well.

He enjoys the technical challenge of working on high-level systems and architecture while delivering for a customer a solution that is oriented toward solving some business necessity. He is currently employed as an independent consultant and travels throughout the country to find and work in customer environments. It is not uncommon to find him late at night in some customer data center, but he is mostly focused on architecture which means he is working on the documentation, planning and execution side of things quite a bit. He is very professional in every regard and can often be seen in meetings having discussions with stakeholders and decision-makers alike. He is an active member of the Microsoft technical community and has helped many other consultants gain experience and skill that they need to be excellent engineers as well.

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